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Line-Thrower was founded in year 2006 by inventor and owner Mr. Andras Samson. The Line-Thrower Sp/f is based in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands.

As the inventors of, what we believe to be, the best line-throwing apparatus in the world, we are currently working on new products while ensuring that our current products are always up to date.

At the moment we are not planning on getting in to the market for LSA approved line-throwing appliances.

With the addition of our service as supervisors, and our close cooperation with trawl makers, we believe that we can offer a service to pair trawlers unbeaten by others.


The new line thrower L-75 consists of plastic and stainless steel,  which makes the product perfect to improve safety on board as well as making the line throwing more efficient without any complications in the rough sea environment.

• The L-75 is a quality line-throwing instrument

• The L-75 is approved as a pneomatic tool (max 10 bar).

• The L-75 is easy  to install and safe to handle and reload.

• The L-75 works with a pressure between 5 and 10 bars.

• The L-75 can throw a 3mm line a distance of 100 metres.

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