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You can find our L-75 at P/F Vonin. Vonin is among the largest trawlmakers in the North Atlantic and has departments in Canada,Greenland and Faroe Islands 

One of our employees has just returned from the Pacific Ocean assisting a Dutch company wanting to start pair trawling. This company has previously bought our line-throwers, and is using them with great success. These ship are categorised as the largest fishing vessels in the world. Even though a huge task everything went well and everyone was pleased with the cooperation.

Our L-75 line-thrower can now be found all around the world.  You can say it has been tested to the extreme. It has sustained both extreme cold and extreme heat, without any problems what so ever. This proves that this without doubt is probably the most durable line-thrower on the market.


The new line thrower L-75 consists of plastic and stainless steel,  which makes the product perfect to improve safety on board as well as making the line throwing more efficient without any complications in the rough sea environment.

 The L-75 is a quality line-throwing instrument

 The L-75 is approved as a pneomatic tool (max 10 bar).

 The L-75 is easy  to install and safe to handle and reload.

 The L-75 works with a pressure between 5 and 10 bars.

 The L-75 can throw a 3mm line a distance of 100 metres.

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