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Line Thower L-75

The new line thrower L-75 is produced by Line Thrower Ltd. (Line Thrower Sp/F) based in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands.

Our designers have as a seasoned fishermen of several years, seen the need to make a tool that could simplify the task to get lines across to other vessels safely, quickly and efficiently.
The L-75 is manufactured in accordance with Danish Departmental Orders no. 743 from September 23, 1999, and is approved by the Faroese Occupational, Safety & Health Administration.
At first, the L-75 was mainly aimed at the pair-trawling industry. However, inquiries indicate that supply vessels, tugs, ferries and merchant vessels also see this product as the solution to simplify the task of ‘line throwing’.
The pressure tank on the L-75 is 3.5 litres and the working pressure is 8 bars (max 10 bars). Owing to the small size of the pressure tank and the relative low pressure, the recharging time is only 30 seconds – if not less.

If extra heaving lines are kept ready in the bucket, a second shot is ready to be launched approx. 30 sec. after the first one.
Since the L-75 is operating with an air pressure of only 10 bars, it makes the equipment very safe to handle. It is recharged directly from the working air system aboard the vessel and this is done by connecting a flexible hose from the vessel´s fixed working air system to the line thrower.
The L–75 line thrower can throw a heaving line up to 100 metres the user is able to regulate the shot distance with the trigger. The line thrower is made of plastic and stainless steel, which makes the product perfect for use in the rough marine environment. All parts of L-75 are acid-proof and maintenance-free.

The throwing line is a 3 mm polypropylene line, having a minimum breaking strength of 250 kg. The storage bucket for heaving lines can accommodate at least 4 heaving lines of 110 metres length. 
The L-75 is approved as a normal working pressure tool, e.g. pneumatic hammer or drilling machine etc.
The L-75 does not replace the LSA required line throwing device.
Further development of the L-75 is in progress to make it capable of:

- throwing hooks approx. 75 metres, for catching objects in the water.
- throwing inflatable lifejackets approx. 40 metres in case of an emergency.
The very first customer buying the L-75 was the pelagic pair team the Christian í Grótinum and the Norðborg from Klaksvik, Faroe Islands operating in the North Atlantic.

The skipper on The Christian í Grótinum, Jón Rasmussen, has made comments about the L-75: “We have been extremely happy with it, because it is saving us a lot of time when coming alongside the other ship. Now we can manoeuvre with a longer distance from the other ship, and thus saving a lot of time. Also we find it very strong and reliable, for using in the harsh and strong environment we are working in”.
One of the first line throwers was sold to the pair trawling vessels the Navarin and the Borgarin from Klaksvík, Faroe Islands. According to the skippers of the pair, the L-75 has been a great success, both in regard of time spent in getting the line across to the other vessel, as well as that they do not have to get too close to each other in the process.

The skippers have also highlighted that while being able to avoid close operation with another vessel at sea; it has reduced the risk for the vessels bumping into each other, thus saving the company the time and cost in terms of damages to vessels and lost fishing time.
Thor Ltd. Company from the Faroe Islands has a fleet including fishing boats as well as standby and chase vessels. They purchased their first set of L-75 three months ago for two of their ships, and have already placed an order for more.



The new line thrower L-75 consists of plastic and stainless steel,  which makes the product perfect to improve safety on board as well as making the line throwing more efficient without any complications in the rough sea environment.

• The L-75 is a quality line-throwing instrument

• The L-75 is approved as a pneomatic tool (max 10 bar).

• The L-75 is easy  to install and safe to handle and reload.

• The L-75 works with a pressure between 5 and 10 bars.

• The L-75 can throw a 3mm line a distance of 100 metres.

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